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Streets Ahead Servers | Hosting Status

This website is hosted in a different server location and network to our production hosting. We use this page to advise you of any planned maintenance and to keep you informed if we have unplanned server or network outages affecting the hosting of our production and customers' websites. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Current Status ...

Friday 9 September 2022, 09:00 | Network Switch problem (Resolved)

09:00 - The network switch is back online and services are resumed.

08:00 - Our hosting company is investigating a network switch outage that is causing some web servers and email servers to become unavailable. We hope to have further information shortly.

Previous important notes or issues ...

Wednesday 24 November 2021 | Invalid Certificate or Untrusted Certificate

If you are seeing an ‘invalid certificate’ message when receiving or sending email @ your domain name, just ‘ok’ it. Or you may be seeing an 'untrusted certificate' message. You have to 'ok' this or allow it as an exception. The secure certificates used for email on our servers have been updated and this may affect some of you. For more info read our FAQ at

Tuesday 13 October 2020 | Server migration COMPLETED

Around midday we will be migrating all sites to a new, faster server. There will be some downtime when this happens, but we will try to limit this to the absolute minimum. The estimate from my hosting company is for this to be around 15 minutes. Keep watching this site for updates on the day.

11.20 - Migration still scheduled for midday (40 mins from now).
12.00 - Migration has started and sites are now offline.
12.20 - Server back, sites active and being tested now.
13.00 - Only a few minor errors detected (and corrected). All sites appear to be working fine.

Thursday 3 September 2020 | Urgent software patches to networking hardware

Work has been planned for urgent software patches to networking hardware. The patches will be happening promptly just after 20:00 on 03/09/2020. This work is at risk of service interruption, however steps have been put in place to avoid this where possible.

Where to look for latest information ...

We only update this page for important issues, and as soon as we are aware of them. These are the other places that we also suggest you bookmark or visit:

If all else fails ...

You can contact us at these phone numbers - 01760 441856 and 07519 656381.